5 Effective Ways to Get Dog Hair out of Carpet

We all love our furry friends but unfortunately dogs naturally rid themselves old or damaged hair especially when they are switching from their winter coats to their summer coats. During this period, hair will be all over your carpet. Let’s take you through how to get dog hair out of carpet.

To get dog hair out of carpet, use pet hair vacuums, rubber Squeegees, rubber brooms, rubber gloves or hair brushes and carpet rakes. Most importantly, try to reduce your dog’s shedding through grooming and regular vet checks.

How to Get Dog Hair out of Carpet

Carpets are luxurious flooring options everyone would love to explore. They are good at providing warmth, absorbing sound and making a room to look cozy. However, with a pet around, you will be dealing with problems like hair, pet dander and dog urine smell in your carpet.

This requires proper intervention, otherwise the pile fibers can easily harbor bacteria, allergens and dust mites that can affect your health. There are a number of ways you can use to get dog hair out of a carpet easily which include the following:

1. Use a pet hair vacuum

Vacuums are handy cleaning machines that makes our work easier. The strong suction power of a vacuum cleaner removes unseen particles from surfaces and sometimes from the air as well. To get rid of stubborn hair on your hair, you will need a pet hair vacuum.

You can get your favorite pet hair vacuum cleaner from top manufacturers such as Dyson, Bissel, Hoover, and more. Depending on the size of your home, the breed of your dog and the number of furry friends you have, you can always get a pet hair vacuum that will not disappoint.

2. Use Rubber Squeegees

Rubber is great at attracting hair than even adhesive tapes. You can always use a rubber squeegee to get rid of pet hair in your carpet piles. Simply stroke the carpet or couch and all the hair from deep down the fibers will be collected at one point.

If you have a large carpet, get a rubber squeegee with a long handle to make your hair picking comfortable. If you already don’t own one, get yours at amazon or any home improvement store near your home.

3. Use rubber broom

A rubber broom is a great alternative to a rubber squeegee. They all operate with same principle of attracting hair and other particles. Rubber brooms typically features a squeegee edge and rubber bristles. These kind of brooms are even more effective at collecting hair from deep pile carpet much more than a squeegee.

Both rubber squeegee and brooms are maintenance free. All you need to is to clean and reuse. You can grab your rubber broom on online retails like amazon and home depot or from any nearby home improvement store.

4. Get a hairbrush

Hairbrushes are also effective at collecting dog or cat hair from a carpet. The firm bristles get deep into the carpet fibers to extract all the hair. If you have a large carpet coverage, you may need a helping hand to complete the task quickly, otherwise get a large hairbrush.

It is not wise to use hairbrush on your upholstery and other furniture fabrics. The strong sharp bristles can easily damage a fabric material. Only use on carpets, stairs, mats, rugs and preferably in high traffic areas.

5. Carpet rakes

A carpet rake is a must have tool if you own a carpet and several furry friends. Apart from fluffing up the pile to make your carpet look new, carpet rakes greatly removes hair from the fibers. Unlike hairbrushes, carpet rakes have thin metal or plastic bristles that penetrate to the root of carpet fibers.

Just like you’d rake your lawn, press your rake on the carpet and make short strokes towards your direction. Periodically stop and remove the hair that has collected in the rake bristles. Be sure that, all the hair that has been collected and matted in your carpets for years will be removed.

How to Reduce Dog Shedding

It can be very annoying to keep removing dog hair from your carpets or furniture every other day. However, you can reduce your dog shedding to keep make cleaning easier.

Brush your dog

As a dog owner, you should not lack a dog brush in your grooming kit. This is a very important tool that will help you manage the rate at which your canine is shedding hair. During the shedding period, brush your dog daily or regularly to remove the loosely hanging hairs before they drop on your floors.

Bathe your dog

Use a nice oatmeal shampoo to bathe your dog on a weekly. This will help in keeping your dog’s coat healthy and clean thus less cases of pet dander and hair shedding. Before you use a dog shampoo carefully read and follow use instructions.

Take your pet to a vet

Dogs with dry skin or a certain form of allergic reactions feel irritated and scratch their skin regularly. In the end you end up with lumps of hair everywhere. To avoid this, simply take your canine to a vet for medical examination and treatment.

Final Though

Your carpet can perfectly coexist with your pets as long as you keep an eye on things like hair, urine and scratching. Pet hair on the carpet is unsightly and can also lead to allergic reactions among your family members.

Since we have hinted you ways to get hair out of carpet, you have no excuse but to keep your carpet healthy and clean even with your pets around. You can decide to do it yourself or hire a professional service.

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